Monday, September 5, 2011

This and that

Okay everyone, sorry I haven't checked in a while it's been an extremely busy summer and I haven't had the chance to write in forever.I've been working out every morning for my bootycalls and sneaking in some other workouts throughout the day. I have also managed to keep on track with eating lean and green which I think thas helped a lot! I'm down to 125 pounds now which means that i've lost 18 pounds! The last few days have been especially busy since i've been preparing everything for back to school. I went shopping in the city last week and bought a ton of stuff, in a smaller size thankfully and I could not be happier with the results. I feel a confidence in myself that I have never felt before. I couldn't have done it without Tone it Up and the amazing tone it up team, they are so supportive and are always there when you need them! Anyways, i'm hoping that with school starting in a couple days i'll be able to blog more because I will probably be on my laptop more often. I made it a point to put a remider to blog on my September calendar. Wow, September already I can't believe it! BUT there is one great thing that comes with September! The Tone It Up Fall Challenge is here! The girls have tons more challenges, give aways and workouts coming our way this month for back to work and school. I think this is just what every body needs to stay on track. They're also giving away a gym bag to the person who gives the most referals when you sign up, you can sign up at and please put in Chelsea Dawn in the referal part! If you haven't signed up, go sign up now! It's never too late and as K&K say, you'll never regret a workout!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Healthy Vacationing!

Hope you all having a great start to the month today! Can't believe it's August already, only one more month left until it's back to school for me, thats 30 days to kick my butt and Tone It Up! Anyways, if you follow me on twitter (@chelseadawn_) then you may know that I went on a two day vacation last week. I made sure to choose a place where I for sure would not be relaxing all that much, my resort had a gym and pool which we took full advantage of! There were other things though that made it the perfect healthy vactioning spot, the restaurant had healthy menu choices like salads and wraps that made it easier to eat properly. For dinner I had their low fat turkey burger on a whole wheat triangle bun topped with tomato, bean sprouts, lettuce and red onion and it was amazing! The food and  the hotel were great but what was even better was the activities that they had to offer, mini golf, a timed maze that made you go hard, rock climbing and tree top trekking. And let me tell you, the tree top trekking is not easy! You are hooked into a harness 40 to 50 feet above the ground in the treetops doing a number of intense obstacles.It is definately not for those who are afraid of hights thats for sure. It was hard but it was sooo much fun! The course had numerous zip lines that were just breath taking and so invigorating. My boyfriend and I did it together and did the new hard course in 25 minutes! That was a huge feat for us and so amazing because the average time is 45 minutes, guess i'm in better shape then I thought! Thanks Tone It Up. Oh and the best part was I was barely even sore the next day! I did it a few years ago when I wasn't very active and the course weren't as hard(they've had to change some stuff in the last few years) and the next day I could barely move so it was a relief to be able to move the next day this time through. So it is possible to have a fun vacation and still stay active! So when planning your vacation I encourage you to do some research before you go in regards to the food near by, what kind of activities you can do and weather or not the hotel has a pool or a gym! :) Have fun vacationing, enjoy the rest of August! Run Love Sweat<3

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Workout Binder!

Hey everyone, today I finally made my Tone It Up binder with all my workouts! The first page had my workout calendar for August so I can see what I need to do and mark off my workouts as I go! I chose to do the same kind of workouts each day, my bootycall, 45 minutes cardio and 2 tone it up workouts. The good thing about this is there are so many different activities that I can do for each one to switch it up so it's not the same workout everyday just the same outline. I must admit I'm pretty proud of my calendar too :)
My second page is the ten Tone It Up tips that Karena and Katrina have on the Tone It Up website so that I have them on hand and I can remind myself of them each time I go through my book!
On the third page of my folder I decided to put a chart where I can record my measurements and my weight so I can see where I've improved over time. Some people may not like this idea but it helps me.
I have everything seperated into sections; pyramids, circuits and the bikini series workouts and I put  dividers in between them.
This is an example of the layout of my pyramid workout sheets!
This is an example of a Bikini Series workout page.
All  of my pages had to be handwritten unfortunately because I don't have a printer so it's not as nice or neat as I would like it to be but it's a start and at least now I have it and can bring it with me to the gym! I encourage you all to try it! I also have a new recipe coming tomorrow for all you lasgne lovers, and im pretty excited to make it! Enjoy the rest of your night :) Run Love Sweat<3

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Motivation Sunday, Kick Start The Week On The Right Track

Hey everyone, I hope you had a great weekend. I know I did but at the same time it wasn't so great. I ate horrible this weekend! It was both my boyfriends and my moms birthday's this weekend so there was lots of cake and going out for dinners and lunches ect. My mom and I went out for a buffet lunch together and I did my best, I ate all veggies with the exception of a chicken ball.. I had too come on, we only go twice a year! As for my boyfriends birthday, the restaurant had almost zero healthy options so I was out of luck and I couldn't suggest going somewhere else because it was with his family and his choice. I haven't gotten the chance to go the gym since Friday, which is horrid, but I did get in a 20 minute walk yesterday morning and an hour swim. It's been an extremely busy weeekend so tomorrow I'm totally getting back on track and going to the gym for a couple hours and I can already say the treadmill and the elliptical are going to be my saviours after this weekend. Oh! I also tried quinoa tonight and it was awesome, my boyfriend also put it on his wrap. Well anyways that was a kind of long update of my weekend, sorry I'm getting to the main point now!
So as I mentioned before this weekend I did a horrible job of staying on track with my eating and my workouts but I'm not going to let it get me too down. Instead I'm going to learn from it and kick it up a notch this week. I'm determined to keep on track so I have all my reminders set on my phone for my meals and my workouts! I'm going to try and get to the gym almost every day this week and make sure all my meals are healthy no junk! I made a to do list for each day so I can make sure I get everything done that I need to and I wrote down what I plan on having for each meal. I'm hoping this will help to keep me on track. I now also have another workout buddy who is willing to go to the gym with me all the time which is great, who is it? My wonderfully supportive boyfriend who joined the same gym as me to help keep himself in shape and push me harder. Another thing that I do to help keep me motivated is going online to my favourite stores looking at their clothes and picturing myself in them and then keeping that image in my mind because I know how bad I want to wear them and rock them. So this is my plan for the week, hope you all have a great week and can meet your goals!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

How K&K have changed my life!

Hey everyone, as some of you may know in April I found Tone It Up and the lovely Tone It Up ladies Karena and Katrina. The girls launched a bikini challenge and I decided to give it a try. Bikini season was coming up and this year I was determined more then ever to lose a few pounds and get into shape. For the last year and half or so I had weighed the same thing, 143 pounds. I tried eating healthy and doing some daily exercise but no program worked for me and I'd fall of track and go back to eating unhealthy and being a couch potato again. However, after I found K&K my life hit a turning point. I ate healthy and did all of the workouts that K&K released and tried to follow everything as best I could. It wasn't long before the number on the scale started going down and each time I took my measurements the numbers would get smaller and smaller. I've lost a total of 11-12 poundsish with the help of K&K. Not only did K&K change my life by actually keeping me motivated enough to stay with something and do the work to see results, they also opened up a whole other world to me on twitter. I found other ladies that were doing the bikini challenge and found that they offered great advice, support, motiviation and were the inspiration I needed to keep going. I love knowing that there are other people who I can discuss health and fitness with out there that have a passion for it just as much as I do! If I had never found Tone It Up I don't know if I would have ever gotten the motivation or support that I needed to help me with this journey. I owe so much to K&K and everyone who has done the bikini challenge and i've talked to on twitter. My life is now full of activity, healthy foods, confidence and happiness. K&K and the Tone it Up team have helped me so much and I couldn't thank each one of them enough for the support and motivation they have given me along this journey. They have truly changed my life forever, and to them I am grateful. So thank you to K&K and my Tone it Up sisters, for being there, always.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Getting back on Track!

Hey everyone, so as you may or may not know a few months ago I participated in the Tone It up Bikni Challenge but it was during school and I didn't have the time to do it properly with exams coming up. I did as much as I could but I often missed my booty calls and sometimes I was too busy doing homework and studying to keep up with my workouts. A few weeks ago Katrina and Karena re launched the Bikini Challenge and I vowed that I would do it and give it my all, 110% but that never happened. Although I swam a lot and did work out a little my eating was atrocious. I wasn't giving my body any of the nutrients it needed at all but my mom on the other hand has stuck to her diet and has lost an amazing ten pounds, I couldn't be prouder, but now she just needs to get on the physical acitivty part! Since my last attempt at re doing the bikni challenge was pretty sad i'm going to re start it all over again starting today! I've already done my bootycall this morning which was a 15 minute fit test and 15 minutes of yoga, I am also planning on going to the gym soon. I went through the Bikni Challenge blog post on TIU and programmed all my meals and workouts/challenges into my phone so that it reminds me what I need to accomplish in a day. I'm hoping these reminders will help me to stay on track and keep me motivated. I'll try to post every day about how the Bikini Series is going and hopefully get back on twitter (@chelseadawn_) to re connect with my Tone It Up sisters! So I challenge all of you guys to re do the Bikni Challenge or start it if you didn't participate before! You can find everything you need to know about the bikini challenge here! You can do it, until next time eat clean and work it !

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What am I going to do.

So if you read the post before this you know i'm doing the Tone It Up bikni challenge again but this time through with my mom. The lovely K&K have made it easy by adding the whole bikini challenge to one blog so everything is all in one spot. I highly recommend it because it's life changing, you can go to the bikini challenge by clicking here. To start off today was no better than yesterday except for the fact that I had my weigh in and i'm at my lowest weight ever that I can remember seeing which is exciting. The eating was all pretty good because I usually eat healthy but again there was slacking on my workouts. It's really frustrating when you want something and you've been working hard but things get in the way of your goals. I think i'm just lacking some motivation at the moment so I really need to do something that will help me to continue on the right path. I taped a little note in my fridge saying "STOP before you grab it, will it help your body?" so i'm hoping that it will help me. Well tomorrow is a new day, a fresh start and an opportunity to Tone It Up!