Monday, August 1, 2011

Healthy Vacationing!

Hope you all having a great start to the month today! Can't believe it's August already, only one more month left until it's back to school for me, thats 30 days to kick my butt and Tone It Up! Anyways, if you follow me on twitter (@chelseadawn_) then you may know that I went on a two day vacation last week. I made sure to choose a place where I for sure would not be relaxing all that much, my resort had a gym and pool which we took full advantage of! There were other things though that made it the perfect healthy vactioning spot, the restaurant had healthy menu choices like salads and wraps that made it easier to eat properly. For dinner I had their low fat turkey burger on a whole wheat triangle bun topped with tomato, bean sprouts, lettuce and red onion and it was amazing! The food and  the hotel were great but what was even better was the activities that they had to offer, mini golf, a timed maze that made you go hard, rock climbing and tree top trekking. And let me tell you, the tree top trekking is not easy! You are hooked into a harness 40 to 50 feet above the ground in the treetops doing a number of intense obstacles.It is definately not for those who are afraid of hights thats for sure. It was hard but it was sooo much fun! The course had numerous zip lines that were just breath taking and so invigorating. My boyfriend and I did it together and did the new hard course in 25 minutes! That was a huge feat for us and so amazing because the average time is 45 minutes, guess i'm in better shape then I thought! Thanks Tone It Up. Oh and the best part was I was barely even sore the next day! I did it a few years ago when I wasn't very active and the course weren't as hard(they've had to change some stuff in the last few years) and the next day I could barely move so it was a relief to be able to move the next day this time through. So it is possible to have a fun vacation and still stay active! So when planning your vacation I encourage you to do some research before you go in regards to the food near by, what kind of activities you can do and weather or not the hotel has a pool or a gym! :) Have fun vacationing, enjoy the rest of August! Run Love Sweat<3

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