Thursday, July 21, 2011

How K&K have changed my life!

Hey everyone, as some of you may know in April I found Tone It Up and the lovely Tone It Up ladies Karena and Katrina. The girls launched a bikini challenge and I decided to give it a try. Bikini season was coming up and this year I was determined more then ever to lose a few pounds and get into shape. For the last year and half or so I had weighed the same thing, 143 pounds. I tried eating healthy and doing some daily exercise but no program worked for me and I'd fall of track and go back to eating unhealthy and being a couch potato again. However, after I found K&K my life hit a turning point. I ate healthy and did all of the workouts that K&K released and tried to follow everything as best I could. It wasn't long before the number on the scale started going down and each time I took my measurements the numbers would get smaller and smaller. I've lost a total of 11-12 poundsish with the help of K&K. Not only did K&K change my life by actually keeping me motivated enough to stay with something and do the work to see results, they also opened up a whole other world to me on twitter. I found other ladies that were doing the bikini challenge and found that they offered great advice, support, motiviation and were the inspiration I needed to keep going. I love knowing that there are other people who I can discuss health and fitness with out there that have a passion for it just as much as I do! If I had never found Tone It Up I don't know if I would have ever gotten the motivation or support that I needed to help me with this journey. I owe so much to K&K and everyone who has done the bikini challenge and i've talked to on twitter. My life is now full of activity, healthy foods, confidence and happiness. K&K and the Tone it Up team have helped me so much and I couldn't thank each one of them enough for the support and motivation they have given me along this journey. They have truly changed my life forever, and to them I am grateful. So thank you to K&K and my Tone it Up sisters, for being there, always.

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  1. Lovely post Chelsea! We all feel the same way about K&K and the TIU team (and about YOU!) and have been changed forever. I think it's great you're sharing your success and inspiring others - keep it up! <3